Family Fit

Children don’t need to get their daily target of 60 active minutes all in one go – they can do them in chunks of 10 minutes throughout the day. 

Try something new. If you’re not sure what activities you’d like to try as a family, try the BBC’s ‘Which sport are you made for?’ tool to find out what you’re best suited to. 

If parents are physically active, their children are likely to be active too, so lead by example. 

Instead of watching TV, encourage your child to find fun activities to do on their own or with friends, such as playing chase or riding their bikes. 

Let your kids help decide what to do. Children are more likely to participate in something if they’re involved in picking it. 

When it comes to play, children should do what they enjoy most.

Running around, having fun with other kids and burning off energy are great ways of getting some (or all) of their recommended 60 minutes of activity a day. 

Walking is a fun and easy way for children to get active while spending time with you and their friends. Get more walking tips in walking for health

Have a disco in your lounge with your music. All you need are some great tunes and you and your children can have fun dancing anywhere. Read about dancing for fitness

Have a splash – whether they’re doing lengths of the pool or having a good splash about, children love playing in water. Find out more in swimming for fitness

Cycling is a great alternative to the car or bus. You don’t even need to have somewhere to get to – just taking the kids out for a bike ride is a fun activity.

I enjoyed the concise way in which the trainers delivered nutritional information and exercise to our small group held my interest every week. Plenty of time allowed for questions which were answered promptly and in an encouraging professional manner.
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