Falls Prevention

Who can get help to prevent falls?

  • History of falls in the last 12 months
  • Fear of falling
  • Balance Problems/Feeling unsteady/any dizziness/passing out:
  • 4 or more medications a day (number):
  • Use of a walking Aid
  • Medical condition that affects balance (Parkinson’s, Stroke, Dementia)
  • Osteoporosis:
  • Medically Stable/ any conditions under control:

If your are eligible for our Falls Prevention programme you will be booked into a group near you. This is a 36 weeks programme where you attend once a week for the duration of the programme. You will receive a falls assessment to identify all the things that may be contributing to this, as well as take part in a strength and balance exercise programme. At the end of the 36 week programme you can be signposted to Active Life for an optional additional 14 weeks service.