Theme parks for health

Theme parks are a great way to spend a fun day out but did you know that there are health benefits to spending a day at a theme park? Yes, that’s right, theme parks can contribute to your health as well as being a fun experience. So here are a list of the health benefits

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Healthy Halloween

Trick or treat? Well hopefully no tricks and plenty of treats. But treats are where the excess of calories tend to hide. Yes, Halloween can be one of the most calorific celebrations with sweet treats being one of the main gifts that we tend to eat around this time. Why not make Halloween healthier? There

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Exercise for health

Exercise comes in many shapes and forms, whether it is going to the gym, taking part in a group exercise class, going for a swim or simply going for a run outside or joining a club of your preferred sport.  These are forms of exercise we normally do routinely and build as part of a

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Farm shopping

With the decline of the high streets and lack of green grocers, fish mongers and butchers in our towns, Supermarkets have become the obvious place to buy fruit, veg, fish and meats. This is convenient for most, but the produce may not necessarily be as fresh as you might like. Much of what we would

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Participating in the activity has given Susan more confidence and it’s enabled her to get out and meet new people and help improve her balance. She says that “it is good to keep your muscles moving”
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