Sports to Try: Boccia

With the Winter Paralympics fast approaching, let’s have a look at Boccia. Boccia is an interesting sport, closely related to bowls, Bocce or Petanque (also known as Boules) but there is one striking difference for Boccia. It is designed for people with severe disabilities. The origin of the name ‘Boccia’ is derived from the Latin

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Music for Health

We all have our favourite tastes in music, whether it is Classical, R’n’B, Rock, Blues, Drum & Bass, Grime, Heavy metal, Dub Step, Jazz or Reggae but many people don’t realise that music has many benefits Listening to music has a wide range of health and mental health benefits. Here are a few things that

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Theme parks for health

Theme parks are a great way to spend a fun day out but did you know that there are health benefits to spending a day at a theme park? Yes, that’s right, theme parks can contribute to your health as well as being a fun experience. So here are a list of the health benefits

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