Why Dance?

Looking to learn something new, or to get in a daily workout? Why not try dance? Whether it is just dancing around your house freestyle or learning from online videos and websites, all dancing is good for you, and this is how:

A great way to lose weight and keep healthy

Dancing is a cardiovascular activity. It gets your heart rate up and can help you burn over 400 calories in an hour.

Building muscle

Dancing exercises all of your muscles and can improve and maintain strength which in turn reduces the risk of falls

Improves co-ordination

Different parts of your body move at different times which improves co-ordination, concentration and keeps you thinking

Keeping that smile and reducing depression

Dance has a positive effect on us. It helps with body image, mood and decreases depression and anxiety.

Couple dance in their bedroom with smiles.jpg

Places to look: from beginners to advanced there are plenty of workouts out there on the internet. But a great place to start is with professionals. Oti Mabuse, Dianne Buswell and Anton Du Beke from Strictly Come Dancing are posting dance videos for beginners.

Oti Mabuse

Dianne Buswell

Anton Du Beke

You could also look at the Instructor Live video posted by the NHS, however, it is just the one video that is free.

If you are interested in learning Hip Hop, POPSUGAR Fitnessoffer videos which often feature a simplified version of the routine as well as more advanced routines in the same video:

Change 4 Life has dance routines for kids, This Girl Canhas a range of dance videos and it is worth looking around for different varieties and different online teachers to get the best one for your learning style.

Family Dance in their Livingroom .jpgEveryone Health has digital and telephone health trainers that can help you create and maintain health goals and best of all, the service is free! Get in contact today by calling: 0333 005 0095.

I have arthritis in my ankles which I think I have strenthened over the weeks. These are exercises I can do at home when the course has finished. And my eating habits I will carry on forever. Many thanks to Adam and Abi they are doing a great job.
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