Get back-to-school ready with these lunch and snack ideas

Millions of parents over the nation can be heard cheering in unison as kids start to head back to school – however these cheers can soon be silenced with the thought of having to pack and come up with lunchbox ideas for yet another school year.

It can be difficult to know what to pack in your kid’s lunchbox for happy and healthy lunching, but don’t fear – we’ve put together some delicious, healthy and most importantly – hassle-free, lunch and snack ideas to keep your little ones going throughout the school day!

Chicken Tikka Pitta Pizza

Say goodbye to the usual ham sandwich, and hello to pizza for lunch! This pitta pizza is a great, easy to make and protein-packed dish to keep kids feeling full until home time. Serve alongside some cucumber or carrot sticks to sneak another 1 of your 5-a-day in there and for a fibre boost.

If a sandwich is still the most practical lunchtime option, make sure to vary fillings so kids don’t get bored of eating the same every day. We have a great recipe here to make the ultimate chicken salad sandwich.  

Banana and Apricot Bagel

Kids more savoury than sweet? Try them out with this banana and apricot bagel in their lunchbox – the delicious cream cheese and apricot mixture will be sure to keep them full and satisfied all day.  

Veggie Pasta Soup

Dig out the insulated flasks because you’re going to need them! Hot soup in a flask is a welcome hug from home – and what’s even better is this soup contains a good chunk of your 5-a-day.

If you’re stuck for some dinner inspiration, then this pasta soup hybrid also makes for a hearty dinner, paired with some wholemeal bread to dunk in. Make sure to cook up a bigger batch so you have leftovers sorted for lunch!

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Soup

Another warm packed lunch idea to go in your kid’s flask. Tasty and bursting full of nutrients, this butternut squash and chickpea soup is so healthy and warming – perfect for those autumnal days ahead.

It’s always a good idea to send your kids off with a few healthy snacks in their bag for a breaktime hunger fix. Try to avoid packing sugary foods like yogurt-covered raisins and breakfast bars which will lead to sugar crashes, and instead go for some high-protein and high-fibre snacks to keep tummies fuller for longer. We’ve listed our tried and tested favourites below!

Carrot sticks and tzatziki dip

A yummy and brilliant portable snack to keep kids going until lunch time. A great thing about this snack is its versatility – you can regularly change up the dips for hummus or salsa, and switch dippers to another vegetable or wholegrain crackers to keep the variety up!  

Flatbread soldiers and green dip

In case you need some more dipping inspiration! Make your own flatbread with 3 simple ingredients and whip up some ‘green dip’ AKA guacamole to pair with it. You can freeze and use the flatbreads for future lunches too!

Fruit and seed snack pots

You can never go wrong with a piece of fruit to snack on, but pairing it with a protein source will help to keep your little one fuller for a little longer. With nuts off limits at schools, pair your kids favourite fruits with some seeds (we like sunflower seeds!) for a tasty and healthy snack.

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