Music for Health

We all have our favourite tastes in music, whether it is Classical, R’n’B, Rock, Blues, Drum & Bass, Grime, Heavy metal, Dub Step, Jazz or Reggae but many people don’t realise that music has many benefits

Listening to music has a wide range of health and mental health benefits. Here are a few things that it can help: Music can help with pain relief and can also help to relieve tension in muscles, It helps with mental health problems, assists in calming the mind, helps to overcome frustration, fear and anxiety. It can help to lower blood pressure, can promote endorphin release and is also a great motivator for when you are exercising, whether it’s dance based exercise or just listening to something while you are working out in the gym. It is also proven that music has a beneficial effect in the fight against dementia.

Next time you are feeling a little stressed, remember to use music to your advantage. Slip on some headphones and relax to your favourite sounds.

I honestly thought this was just going to be weight loss and advice I didn’t realise it would make me look at the way I see and feel about myself and get to the root cause of my actions. My health trainer has made me look at myself through different eyes which has had a very positive impact on my life.
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