How many calories are in your favourite Christmas selection box

Selection box lovers, avert your eyes.

We know it’s all too easy to polish off an entire selection box in just one sitting, however just indulging in one of these ‘small’ selection boxes can easily put you in a calorie surplus, resulting in weight gain which may affect your health goals.

An 89g Cadbury Dairy Milk Small Chocolate Christmas Selection Box, which is a regular feature in our stockings, contains 432 calories, a whopping 49g of sugar, and takes under 10 minutes to devour.

Another Cadbury 179g Stocking Selection Box, which contains 6 of Cadbury’s most popular chocolate bars, packs in an eye-watering 916 calories and 345g of sugar! That’s almost the same number of calories as 2 of our nutritionist chosen meals found here and a medium banana.

Galaxy’s Smooth Milk Chocolate 238g Large Christmas Selection Box takes the place as one of the worst-offenders, raking in a hefty 1,226 calories.

Rather than sitting down with the entire contents of your selection box, opt for just the 1 sweet treat out of your box to accompany your afternoon cuppa or for when your sweet cravings strike after dinner. A chocolate bar can still be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, and won’t deter you from reaching your health goals.

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