What’s EXACTLY in your favourite festive foods

‘Why not, it’s Christmas’ is a phrase heard all too often throughout the festive season, and is often rued later in the New Year when those extra pounds from your festive overindulgence just won’t shift.

*Here at Everyone Health, we’ve worked out exactly what’s in the nation’s most popular Christmas foods so you can be calorie-smart and make a choice right for you and your health journey.

Mince pie

Coming in hot is this Christmas classic that’s been knocking around since the 13th century! On average, 1 medium Mince Pie packs in around 250 calories, with some supermarket-own bakes totalling over 300 calories.

Pigs in blankets

Arguably the best part of a Christmas dinner. Before you begin to load up your plate with them, keep in mind just 2 of these contain around 80 calories.

Roast potatoes

Pigs in blankets can take a backseat – roasties have also proved to be a popular addition to a Christmas dinner, with an average 200g portion of them loading in 322 calories.


Next up is the main event! A small 70g portion of the bird contains around 116 calories and is packed with 21.8g of protein. Will you be having cranberry sauce with yours?

Celebrations chocolates

A clear sign Christmas is here when these tubs begin appearing in the shops. 3 Celebrations chocolates contain 147 calories – some food for thought before the entire box is demolished.

Yule log

Yule never guess how many calories a small slice of chocolate Yule log contains! A 33g slice (which is the recommended serving size) packs in around 138 calories.

Christmas pudding

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding. A medium 130g serving of this classic will set you back about 370 calories.

Mulled wine

And to wash this list down, we’re going to have some mulled wine! You’ll be sipping away 194 calories if you have a small 125ml glass full of all your favourite warming spices.

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*All calories are estimations from Nutracheck’s verified data source and may differ depending on retailer, how they’re cooked and portion size.

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