Are you Getting the 6 Different Types of Rest?

Here at Everyone Health, we are huge advocates for never skipping a ‘rest day’.

Rest is crucial for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, and even more important if you’re trying to make some changes to your current lifestyle. For example, if weight-loss is your goal, then you certainly don’t want to be getting less than the recommended 9 hours of sleep as any less could increase your appetite and make you more likely to reach for those not-so nutritious options which may result in a later junk food gorge.

However, rest doesn’t just equate to blocking out your calendar for those day-time naps and getting enough sleep. Did you know there are actually 6 different types of rest that every person should be getting?

  • Active rest – Our bodies need rest, but it also needs some movement. Gentle movement is a way to give it both. Think yoga, pilates or going for a walk. Pairing a stress reliever with light movement that gets those endorphins pumping is a winner in our eyes!
  • Mental rest – This is for those who’s minds are constantly going 5000 miles per hour – yes, we’re looking at you! Schedule short breaks throughout your workday and allow your brain to rest and just simply switch off. If this seems impossible for you, keep a notebook handy to jot down any nagging thoughts that you can’t break free from and are keeping you distracted.
  • Emotional rest – self-care should always be a priority! This doesn’t just have to mean treating yourself to an at-home spa day – facemask on and the TV blaring with some cheesy rom-com (although if that’s your cup of tea, by all means go ahead!), but could be anything from going on a walk to meeting a friend for some lunch. Self-care comes in all different kinds of forms, so whatever makes you feel good – do it!
  • Creative rest – constantly brainstorming new ideas or solving problems (that 90% of the time aren’t even yours)?. It’s time to take some time out. Give your brain a break by going on a nature walk, reading a book or anything that sparks your inspiration and take the pressure to be constantly creating or solving something off your mind.
  • Social rest – balance spending time on your own and with your loved ones. Although it’s important to not isolate ourselves, it is okay to sometimes take a break from socialising (introverts everywhere cheer!). This is also a good time to examine your relationships with people and look at those who bring out the best in you, rather than those who drain you.
  • Sensory rest – Bright lights, computer screens, 19282 notifications pinging at you from your phone and the background noise of the office or from a Teams calls – all of these can often cause our senses to become overwhelmed and is when a ‘digital detox’ is required! Unplug all your digital devices (yes, even your phone!) and take a break from screens and endless scrolling. Just think how much you could get done in those 3 hours that would’ve been spent trawling TikTok.

Who would’ve thought you needed more than sleep to restore us to the point we feel rested? If you haven’t allowed yourself to rest lately, this is your sign to take some time out and focus on getting the right type of rest needed for you.

I honestly thought this was just going to be weight loss and advice I didn’t realise it would make me look at the way I see and feel about myself and get to the root cause of my actions. My health trainer has made me look at myself through different eyes which has had a very positive impact on my life.
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