Would You Take the Plunge Into Cold-Water Swimming?

Cold-water swimming has been the latest craze to sweep the UK, and now finally residents of Southend can join in.

Everyone Health Southend, who are in partnership with Southend City Council, will be offering a FREE taster session of cold-water swimming to their staff and any volunteers wanting to dip their toes into the latest health trend.

Paul Slade, an STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach and founder of Essex Swim Coach, will be holding the free taster session on Friday 3rd February at 10am at Joscelyne’s Beach, Chalkwell with a planned meet-up point at the front of Saltwater Café, Chalkwell SS0 8JJ. Paul has said “As an open water swimming coach, I am an advocate for the impact on our mental and physical health that cold water swimming can bring. By teaming up with Everyone Health, I hope that together we can give more people the opportunity to experience these positive health benefits.”

From reducing inflammation, weight-loss, to hacking your ‘happy hormones’ – it seems like the health benefits of braving the cold are endless, and Julie Harris, Service Manager of Everyone Health Southend can attest to this: “It has long been known that swimming in cold water provides many health benefits. Our vision in Southend is to offer a range of health and wellbeing options (as we know, one cap doesn’t fit all) to help improve the local community’s wellbeing. We’re so excited to be working with Paul, and look forward to hopefully seeing all of you in the sea!”

Everyone Health Southend’s aim after the trial run is to offer cold-water swimming classes, ran by Paul, to residents at a discounted price of £10 per session. There is also an opportunity for cold-water swimming to be offered as an alternative form of exercise for Everyone Health’s FREE Adult Weight Management programme which works closely with Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Trim and Train.

If you’re wanting to get your swim on, you can volunteer to join the taster session by emailing eh.southend@nhs or messaging Everyone Health Southend on Facebook.

After twelve weeks of the programme, I have lost 6.3kg, my BMI is lower and I have trimmed 10 cm from my waist. There is now so much hope going forward.
Adult Weight Management service user
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